Realism Tattoo in Dubai

Realism Tattoo in Dubai Perfect realism tattoos come to life and seem like real photos on your skin. As the title says, this is a tattoo that looks precisely like it would in the real world. The artist must have artistic skills. Realistic tattoos done well look like photos on the skin. High detail is […]

Watercolor Tattoo in Dubai

Watercolor Tattoo in Dubai Tattoo Artists create Watercolor Tattoos in a way that it looks like paint on the skin. To create watercolor tattoos the artists does not need different tools or inks, but the used techniques differ from typical tattoo styles and techniques. As of now extremely prominent in the tattoo world. Watercolor tattoos […]

Scorpion Tribal Tattoo in Dubai

Scorpion Tribal Tattoo in Dubai Tribal tattoos are, everoney knows, some of the most used designs in the whole tattoo world. These tribal designs were very popular in the far past and they are quite popular today. How about the future? Surely they will be popular in the future also. Traditionally most tribal tattoos can […]

New School Tattoo in Dubai

New School Tattoo in Dubai New school tattoos are one of those styles that have become popular in the latest years. Very bright colors are a main feature of this style. Cartoon-like designs affected by spray painting and hip-hop artistic techniques and styles. Designs which are bubble-like, exaggerated dimensions and components, bright colours. Well known […]

Neo Traditional Tattoo Dubai

Neo Traditional Tattoo Dubai Neo-traditional tattoos are a mix between the past and the future of tattooing. Bold black lines and classic color palette defines a traditional tattooing style. This style resembles Customary; Neo Traditional tattoos regularly utilize bold outlines and a carefully done, exact shading. Contrasted with Customary tattoos, they are more nitty gritty. […]

Japanese Style Tattoo in Dubai

Japanese Style Tattoo in Dubai Japanese tattoos are one of the most popular styles in tattoo art and every image has a specific meaning and purpose. The most consecrated tattoo expressions can be found in Japanese tattoo style. Definite designs frequently cover substantial part of the body, for example, the back or the arm. Japanese […]

Dotwork Tattoo Dubai

Dotwork Tattoo Dubai Dotwork tattoos are definitely one of the most comlicated styles. Nothing but dots are used to create geometric images. The tattoo artist must be very patient and talented to be able to place every dot in the right place on your skin. Handpoked tattoos can be seen alot without the use of […]

Beautiful Owl in Geo Style Tattoo Design

Beautiful Owl in Geo Style Tattoo Design This owl is a fascinating piece of art. Geo Style tattoos are becoming more populare these days and require a high level of skills. Many-sided designs made of shapes that may utilize repetition and symmetry to make a big design. Triangles are utilized all the time. Likewise, blends […]

A photorealistic piece of Art

A photorealistic piece of Art Photorealistic tattoos are pictures inked on the skin based on real photos. They actually look extremely true to life. Whether you like to have a portrait of a family member or a picture of your dog high resolution drawn in ink. Tattoo Nation Dubai as the right dubai tattoo artists who […]

Biomechanical Tattoo in Dubai

Biomechanical Tattoo in Dubai Inspired by biomech art Biomechanical tattoos are a mix of organic and natural elements with industrial. Settling on a permanent tattoo design for body decoration can be overwhelming. There is such a variety of tattoo design to select from. They have diverse interpretations, and they can be utilized to express the […]