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Laser Tattoo Removal Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal Dubai. We understand that you are thinking of removing your tattoo, maybe because you chose the wrong design or your tattoo artist wasn´t able to create a long lasting artwork on your skin. Everyday we see bad tattoos and we try our best to repair or cover the existing tattoo.

Before sending you to a skin care clinic we will check if there is a chance to “rescue” your tattoo. Maybe by creating a new unique design out of it, or by covering it up with a different design. Some Tattoos can´t be removed completely. That´s where we want to save you money by advising you the minimum amount of tattoo removal in Dubai to put a new tattoo design over it. Usually this is possible after 1-2 sessions.

But sometimes there is no other way out. You may love the pink dolphin tattoo you made when you were seventeen but hate it in your late twenties since it may not match your half-sleeve of skulls and vines. It may also be the name of your ex-wife, which needs to be removed by a professional laser tattoo removal Dubai. The good news now is that, with laser tattoo removal, that tattoo will be a memory of the past.

The process of removing the ink permanently injected to a part of the body is known as tattoo removal. Although there are diverse ways of removing tattoo ink from the skin, the laser tattoo removal is the most commonly used method. This is because it is very effective and has a higher success rate with a little or no serious side effects.

Before the introduction of the laser tattoo removal, the removal of tattoo has not always been possible. Those people with a permanent tattoos before 20 years had their ink faded, but never fully removed. The new laser tattoo removal dubai technologies are able to remove the ink permanently.

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Side Effects of the Laser Tattoo Removal

Although there are many tattoo removal methods, the laser tattoo removal is the safer method of all – some others include dermabrasion, excision, and salabrasion. This is because the laser tattoo treatment treats the ink pigment in the tattoo.

However, there are few side effects and you should consider the factors below before making your decision: Your tattoo may not be removed completely. This is because certain colors can be easily removed like black and blue tattoos, which respond well to laser treatment.

There may be an infection at the site of removal and there may be a permanent scar at that same site. Cosmetic tattoos like eyeliner, eyebrows and the lip liner may get darker after laser removal but tend to fade with additional sessions.

You may end up with hyperpigmentation, whereby the treated part is left darker than the rest of the skin or hypopigmentation, which leaves the treated part paler than the rest of the skin.

How Much Does this Treatment Cost?

Before you can come up with the cost of laser tattoo removal, you need to consider some factors like the number of sessions required for the complete removal and the size of the tattoo. The number of sessions depends on the type of ink used for the tattoo, the color, and the pigment. Tattoo pigments such as greens, yellows, white and fluorescent inks are tougher to remove than black and blues. For a normal tattoo, each session should be between $200 to $500 or more for large tattoos.

How to find the best Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai

Clearly the proper treatment of the affected skin area should be done by a reputable cosmetic surgery center or a perfect dermatologist. We will help you to find the best offers in the market.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Dubai Work?

Although there are many tattoo removal methods, the laser tattoo removal is the safer method of all – some others include dermabrasion, excision, and salabrasion. This is because the laser tattoo treatment treats the ink pigment in the tattoo.

Ink particles are foreign objects in the body that turn very difficult to get rid of. Once the body recognizes its presence, it tries to remove it by sending an army of white blood cells to eliminate them but it simply can’t get rid of them. The white blood cells are tattoo removal dubai powerless against them because the ink particles are so much larger on the skin.

Since the ink particles are tough and got stuck to the skin, they need something as strong as a laser to remove them. Not just any laser can remove tattoos – for example, a laser designed to remove hair on your tattoo cannot remove the tattoo but just waste your time.

The main laser used for the removal of a tattoo is the ultra-short pulse laser. This laser works by emitting extremely hot flash in short, fast bursts. These bursts will heat up the ink particles and break them apart. The pigment of the ink particles also matters because different pigments take up different wavelengths of light. For the laser to be effective for a type of tattoo, it has to be set to the right wavelength for the ink particles.

However, if the tattoo has diverse pigments, there will be the need of more than one adapter to produce different wavelengths to break down every type of ink particle present in the tattoo.

In addition to this, the white blood cells will also be attacking the ink particles during the laser removal. Once the ink particles are broken down into smaller pieces by the laser, the white blood cells seize and carry them to the liver, from where they will be flushed out with other foreign objects in the body.

The effectiveness of the Tattoo Removal Dubai

The use of the laser tattoo removal has been proven very effective by all users because they were able to get rid of their tattoo or almost very close. Although very effective, it does not mean that the removal can be done completely in one season. The complete removal will take several visits to a credible laser tattoo removal Dubai shop. It usually takes up to six to twelve seasons before the complete removal is done; this depends on your specific situation.

However, no tattoo removal has been heard to be more than a dozen sessions. Before the next season, the body must be allowed to heal for at least six weeks. This is because the laser just breaks down the ink particles and the white blood cells in the body will need enough time to pack and flush away these foreign bodies from the body and recover from the damage done by the laser (if any). For those removing tattoo from darker skins, they should wait for healing time of at least eight weeks. Some are even recommended to go for as long as three months for proper healing.

BUT, the best way to avoid a tattoo removal dubai is to get a tattoo dubai done by a professional artist that knows how to apply the right ink quality to your ski, to make it stay long.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal