Tattoo Price in Dubai

How much does a Tattoo cost?

“Not every cheap tattoo is bad and not every expensive tattoo good. But a very good artist costs money.” With the above quote we want to start the interesting section of tattoo prices in dubai. In general we have to say, don’t save at the wrong end. Your new tattoo will be a part of you for a lifetime (unless you decide to go through the struggles of a tattoo tattoo price in dubai removal which will be more expensive than the tattoo price in dubai).

A tattoo artist from europe for example went through a long process of learning, trying, maybe failing and trying again before being able to receive referrals from Tattoo Nation Dubai. Every tattoo artist referred by Tattoo Nation Dubai is at a level where he can proudly call himself a professional tattoo artist.

He will not try any cheap experiments on your skin, he knows exactly what he is doing and you will love the result. Getting a tattoo is an exciting and emotional mission, especially if it’s your first ever tattoo in dubai. You have probably been dreaming about your tattoo design for months, and now you want to have your appointment.

You’ll also want to make sure you have enough cash to pay for it. Ok, that was good to know. But how much is the tattoo price in Dubai? Tattoo artists in Dubai charge per hour of tattoo work. This includes the time of preparing you and his workplace for the session, drawing the draft on your skin and all the time that he spends to give advice before and after your session.

The work for your artist doesn’t end after the tattoo is finished. The average dubai tattoo price is 600 AED per hour with a minimum charge of 1 or 2 hours. The value may differ from design to design. You might find much higher or also much lower rates. Especially low skilled artists will try to sell their work cheap.

Which factors affect the final price?

  • The complexity of your design wishes. Some designs like traditional tattoos or tribals require less preparation than photorealistic designs. The more details your design includes, the more time your artist will spend before the tattoo session. Note: We will make sure to allocate the right tattoo artist for your design, this will save time and money for you. tattoo price in dubai
  • Individual designs that the artist will draw exclusive for you will require a separate agreement for the tattoo price in dubai since such a design can take hours, even up to day go finalized with your wishes.
  • The size of your design is a major factor. While small and medium tattoos can be done within one session or 3-4 hours, a complex design that covers the full sleeve can take more that 12 hours.
  • Position – Some positions on your body require more time to finalize a tattoo which increases the tattoo price. For example, in some areas the experience of pain is more intense and you will require more breaks. Tattoos where there aren’t any muscles around like near the elbow are more painful then on softer spots.You might experience less pain on the outside of your arm than on the inner side. It happens that similar size designs take longer on the inner arm because of pain issues. Here the dubai tattoo artist has to stop more often to give you some time to recover. That affects the tattoo price in dubai.
  • Color A tattoo which is black/grey is mostly less expensive than a colored one. Every color increases the workload by an extra step. The artist has to work on the outlines first, then applying the shadings and finally adding the other colors. Additionally watercolors are more expensive than the standard colors.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Tattoo?

Hello again and nice that you are still reading. Now that you know the price per hour and how it might vary, you decided to get a tattoo in our dubai tattoo shop after hours of careful consideration. Now it’s time that you should really know how long it takes to get a tattoo.

Please understand that your appointment often will include the final tweaking of your design and the creation of your tattoo transfer. Depending on your modification wishes and final approval, following things directly affect your remaining tattoo time:

  • 1. Previous experience of the artist and the client.
  • 2. Style of tattoo chosen by client
  • 3. Amount of detail required in tattoo chosen.
  • 4. Multiple colors, which requires color changes.
  • 5. Position on your body and ease of access.
  • 6. Your mood on the day.
  • 7. AND also how long you can sit and stand the pain if the artist reaches areas of bones.

To give you a better idea of how long a tattoo might take simply send us your preferred design.


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