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How to find the best dubai tattoo shop?

When it comes to your skin you shouldn´t accept compromises. High quality materials and hygiene standards are a must have for every tattoo maker in dubai. Tattoo makers in dubai and other body art practitioners who carry out procedures that involve tattoo shop in dubai skin penetration have to adopt good infection control practices. This will prevent the spread of diseases as well as enables tattoo maker in dubai to meet the requirements of the Dubai Health Authority.

Procedures that involve skin penetration carry a high risk of spreading disease because microorganisms (germs) can easily enter your body through the skin when the natural barrier is broken. These Microorganisms can present on tattoo instruments if those are sterilized properly after every session. Hepatitis C and B are the most common infections in tattoo shops in dubai and all over the world, where strict hygiene standards are missing. Most of the outbreaks of these diseases have occurred when contaminated needles were used. It´s your body and you should do your research well on your dubai tattoo shop.

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Here are some infos of what you can expect at Tattoo Nation Dubai. Ask your tattoo artist if he meets the requirements:

Tattoo Machines in Dubai

1. Rotary Tattoo Machine

2. Coil Tattoo Machine

3. Liner Tattoo Machine

4. Shader Tattoo Machine

5. Pneumatic Tattoo Machine

A good tattoo maker in dubai will have wide selection of machines. Each machine for a different step of your new tattoo. The brand is not the first thing to look at, yes there are differences in quality, but most important for you is that the tattoo maker in dubai knows what he is doing and knows how to clean the machines properly for safe use.

These are the most common types of tattoo machines:

When it comes to Tattoo Ink you should have a clear idea of what design you may want. Your options are as wide as the colors in a rainbow. You have to take a lot of considerations including skin reactions, may the colors fade, does your current skin tone clash with the color. tattoo farben hamburg Generally the black and blue colored tattoos are well tolerated. They can be easily removed, while many other colors, particularly vivid non-organic colors, can be a problem going on and coming off. As described on our home page it’s best to test a small area of your skin to find out if there is any reaction especially if a bold color is used in a great quantity. Darker skins obviously cannot project light colors well, and tend to mute the colors with their own skin color. A very colorful tattoo definitely complicates tattoo removal. It is truly best to stick with basic and darker colors just to have a plan B for the future, which might be in 10 years when your life or your skin condition has changed unexpected. Tattoo Nation Dubai only uses non toxic and testes euopean and US inks. These ink types are used by the artists around the world.

Hygiene Standards in a Dubai Tattoo Shop